Why Is Organic Vegetable Gardening Important?

Why Is Organic Vegetable Gardening Important?

So, why is organic vegetable gardening important?  First of all, it offers many good points, especially when compared to the way typical farms grow produce.

When growing veggies organically, no pesticides or fertilizers are used.  Just about everyone already knows that the ingredients used in making them are harmful to our health.

Even if the veggies have been washed before eaten, there is still a chance of your body absorbing these dangerous chemicals.

You can also start organic vegetable farming yourself in your backyard or kitchen. You just need to buy a microgreens growing kit and you’ll will be able to harvest your own veggies in as little as a week!

Research as shown that vegetables that have been grown organically contain 50% more vitamins & nutrients.  Eating organic veggies will lower your risk against health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease & even cancer.

Because organic veggies are grown without any antibiotics, they taste better.  A good analogy would be naturally squeezed juice tasting better than a drink made from a powered version.

This is especially true since the powered juice will contain plenty of artificial ingredients & preservatives, while the squeezed version is fresh, and straight from the source.

Another reason to avoid pesticides and fertilizers is that they eventually end up making the soil become unfertile.  Once this happens, the amount of vitamins and nutrients in the veggies decreases dramatically.

So, you might be wondering why are chemicals & fertilizers used in the first place.  Simply put, it’s all about making more money.

Chemicals allow farmers to grow more crops at a time, which increases their profits.  However, this has resulted in veggies that simply aren’t as healthy & nutritious as they could be.

When shopping for organic vegetables in a supermarket, they are usually displayed in a separate area.  You’ll surely notice that they’re priced much higher than those in the regular produce section.

Yes, they’re more expensive, but isn’t your health worth it?  Even if money is an issue, you can always start organic vegetable gardening at home and save big.

Farming organically isn’t just for produce, it’s also done for fruits and animal livestock, such as cows.  In fact, studies have shown that milk from organically raised cows contain more Omega 3, vitamins & anti-oxidants than those raised using anti-biotics and hormones.

Because of these facts, we citizens should pressure our government to have farmers shift to organic farming as soon as possible.   There are some cases where the government does offer farmers incentives & subsidies to those who avoid using practices such as genetic engineering & irradiation.

Putting these practices into place will help to promote sustainable development and help to insure that soils remain fertile.   It’s not that hard to do, farmers just need to be open to change.

If you decide to purchase veggies that have been organically grown, be sure to wash them first before cooking them.  Even though they are free of chemicals, you don’t know what type of compost was used to fertilize them.

Overall, it benefits everyone when you & farmers choose to go with organic vegetable gardening.  This process is good for the environment & even better for your health!

Peace …