Organic Vegetable Garden Pest Control

Organic Vegetable Garden Pest Control

The number one thing that will prevent your garden from flourishing will be pests invading your plants.  So, you’re going to need some type of organic vegetable garden pest control system in place.

Unfortunately, there’s a wide variety of pests that can attack your crops.  In this article, I’ll discuss the most notorious enemies of vegetable gardens.

But first, there is a way to completely eliminate the worry & hassles of dealing with these pests.  How?  By using an indoor microgreens growing kit.

These kits come with everything you need to get started & can grow edible veggies in as little as a week.  Because everything is grown inside your home using containers, there’s no need for fertilizers or pesticides.

Most Common Veggie Garden Pests …


When it comes to getting rid of beetles, you need to either spray them with insecticides or remove them by hand.  If you let them reside in your garden, they will bore holes in your leaves, causing permanent damage.


Aphids are a sticky group of organisms that give off a red color.  If you realize that you have them in your garden, soap insecticides have proven well in eliminating them.  Like beetles, they prey on the leaves of your plants, causing serious damage to them.

Cabbage Worms

If you notice a lot of green looking caterpillars and holes on your leaves, you probably have a cabbage worm infestation.  The best way to get rid of them is either doing it by hand or spraying them with neem oil.

Cut Worms

If you have brown colored caterpillars eating the leaves of your plants, there’s  a good chance cut worms are attacking your garden.  One way to control them is by placing paper collars around your plants.  There are also insecticides available that are specifically made to get rid of them.


Simply put, you don’t want maggots hanging out in your garden.  They can damage your plants & your landscape.  Bleaching is a good way to keep them at bay.

These are the most notorious pests that are known to invade organic veggie gardens.  Yes, there are insecticides available to deal with them.  Just make sure the ingredients don’t contain any chemicals that may be harmful to humans.

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