Organic Gardening As A Hobby?

Organic Gardening As A Hobby?

If you’re thinking of organic gardening as a hobby, then kudos to you!  It’s a wonderful idea for those who have a passion for growing plants & veggies.

Before you start, there are a few skills you’re going to need.  A few examples would be learning about the different types of soil, what type of plants you should grow, and how to care for them.

It does sound a bit daunting, however, if you feel that you have a green thumb, these skills will come naturally to you.  So don’t think, feel, and you’ll be well on your way!

I suggest you start an organic garden.  It’s a bit more challenging than traditional gardening, however your efforts will pay off handsomely in the long run.

If you’re not ready to jump in with both feet, you can always start small.  One recommendation would be to get a home microgreens growing kit and begin growing organic veggies indoors.

They’re simple, easy to use, and require minimal supervision.  Even better, your greens will be ready to harvest in as little as a week!

If you would rather begin with a traditional style organic garden instead of using containers, here are a few things to know that will help get you off on the right foot.

First of all, the basic rule of organic gardening is to avoid using any type of synthetic products to grow your plants.  This is especially critical when it comes to pesticides & fertilizers.

The good news is, Mother Nature can provide you with everything you need to start gardening!   A good example would be organic fertilizers.

Do organic fertilizers actually exist?  The answer is is an absolute yes!  You can create your own varieties of compost by using natural items such as dried leaves, twigs, coffee grounds and even animal manure.

This principal of using nature even applies to pesticides.  There are organic pesticides available for sale in stores, just be sure to check the ingredients first before using  them.  Yes, they’re a bit more expensive, but your garden healthy & will flourish.

One alternative to buying organic pesticides would be to introduce insects & birds to your garden.  They thrive on eating the harmful pests that can destroy your plants.

Organic gardening requires plenty of your time & patience.  One idea is to tend to your garden with a partner, friend or family member.  You can enjoy the time together while doing something you both love.

Gardening does require some hard work, so be prepared.  On those days when you don’t feel up to it, just remember that you’re creating something beautiful that will benefit Mother Nature & yourself!

Peace …