Growing Organic Vegetables In Winter

Growing Organic Vegetables In Winter

Many people who are new to gardening think that they can only grow crops during the spring and summer season.  However, growing organic vegetables in the winter is also very possible.

One of the simplest ways to grow year round is with an organic microgreens growing kit.  They come with everything you need to get started, and some veggies are ready to harvest within 7 days.

If you want to stick with traditional gardening, it’s important to know that some veggies that don’t grow well in cold weather, especially peppers and squash.

However, you could consider putting up a greenhouse to capture more sunlight and warmth.

The best way to harvest veggies during the winter season is to plant your seeds at the end of summer.  This way, they’ll be ready to pick before your soil becomes frozen solid.

Kale, lettuce, potatoes, carrots and spinach are veggies that are best to grow during the winter months.  As always, stick with those that grow the fastest.

You want the period from seed to harvest to be as short as possible so that the plant may grow and give you with veggies before the frost arrives in the Fall.

Meanwhile, you may plant items like garlic during the winter months so they’ll be ready to harvest when summer arrives.

Using mulch or other natural fertilizers to cover the soil will assist keep some of the warmth in while blocking off the frigid conditions.  It’s also smart to attract good insects that will help to keep pests away & help pollinate your plants..

If you have healthy plants above ground and know that a freeze is on the way, you may protect them and continue collecting from them during the harsh winter months.

Before planting any winter veggies, read the seed packet to discover how much natural light the plant need and what temperature range it can tolerate.

If your area falls outside of those restrictions, you’ll either have to grow something new or establish settings that provide extra warmth and protection to ensure a plentiful crop.

Some veggies have a sweeter or fuller flavor when harvested in the winter, so you could be shocked to find that something you planted in warmer circumstances performs better as a cold season crop!

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